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1.支离破碎的句子。 例如: Although he studies hard.
2.没有用标点符号来分割句子。例如:In the past I worked at a language school in New Zeal and now I am back in China.
3.使用不正确的逗号连接句子。例如:Alex finished her homework early, after that she drove to Maria’s house.
4. 逻辑错误,如该使用but连接却使用了and,逻辑指代错误等。
如:Ben Franklin was a respected and talented statesman, and he was most famous for his discovery of electricity.(应该使用but却使用了and)
Wrapped in my towel, the sun was not a problem.(逻辑错误)
5.修饰词位置不当。如:George and Liam argued about football while I tried to study loudly.
6.结构不对称等。有些连接词后要对称,如: neither…nor…, either…or…, both…and…, the more…the more…, not only…but also…特别是but also部分经常容易有错误。还有使用and连接两个没有直接关系的两个句子。
例如:Nineteenth-century nihilists were concerned with neither the origins of philosophical thought nor how societal laws developed.(结构不对称)
The junior class built a homecoming float, and it had lights and a sound system that worked amazingly well.(使用and连接两个没有直接关系的两个句子)