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  This lifestyle also gives them the abilityto search farther and in more diverse locales than other organisms in the huntfor food, reproductive opportunities, and optimal environmental conditions.

  At this point, the writer is considering adding the followingsentence.

  Because conditions vary both form region toregion and over time within a given region, not all environmental conditionsare equally optimal.

  Should the writer make this addition here?

  A. Yes,because it makes an important exception to the claim in the previous sentence.

  B. Yes,because it highlights the difficulties of living both in the rest of theparagraph.

  C. No, becauseit contradicts information presented in the rest of the paragraph.

  D. No, becauseit provides a weak conclusion to the passage by digressing from the main point.



  The illusion is a powerful one, but theexhibit offers more than just fantasy: careful attention to these remarkableitems reveals the physical realities behind the legends of medieval Europe.

  At this point, the writer is considering adding the followingsentence.

  In fact, the museum has an extensiveselection of items from around the world, from early American muskets to theskill, horsehair, and leather uniforms of Japan’s Edoperiod and the Turkish curved swords known as scimitars.

  Should the writer make this additionalhere?

  A. Yes,because it provides additional relevant information about the items displayedin the gallery.

  B. Yes,because it highlights the extent of the museum’scollection of arms and equipment.

  C. No, becauseit distracts from the passage’s focus on the armor ofmedieval Europe.

  D. No, becauseit undermines the writer’s claim that the exhibitreveals historical realities.




  These studies have shown that floating islands are successful at curbing the effects of polluted runoff.

  At this point, the writer is considering revising the underlined portion as follows.

  runoff and that more communities should embrace this practical solution to the problem of our diminishing wetlands.

  Should the writer make this revision here?

  A. Yes,because it clarifies the environmental problem that has made the development off loating islands so important.

  B. Yes,because it strengthens the conclusion of the passage by recommending a courseof action that follows logically from the argument.

  C. No, becauseit introduces a new perspective on floating islands that does not belong in the concluding sentence of the passage.

  D. No, becauseit assumes that the reader is directly affected by this issue.



  He rallied sixty four prominent Americans to sign a petitionasking US government to award him unlimited funds to build broad acre.

  At this point, thewriter is considering revising the underlined portion as follows.

  Americans, including artist Georgia O’Keeffe,philosopher John Dewey, and playwright Thornton Wilder

  Should the writer make this revision?

  A. Yes,because it strengthens the claim made in previous sentence by naming some ofWright’s supporters.

  B. Yes,because it provides insights into what kinds of professions were considered tobe influential in Wright’s day.

  C. No, becauseit does not demonstrate that the people listed were prominent during Wright’stime.

  D. No, becauseit does not list any prominent architects as Broadacre supporters.




  Software allows text and other visual artifactsto be archived andsearched. They can also be adapted, and interactive programs help readersengage with texts and with each other in new ways.

  Which choice most effectively combines the sentences at theunderlined portion?

  A. archived andsearched; while works can also be adapted

  B. archivedand searched, and besides being adapted,

  C. archived,searched, and adapted; however,

  D. archived,searched, and adapted, and

  该题只把两句话交界处的几个词划线archived ... and, 因此根据套路选最短,D符合。当然,需要把选项带入原文验证语意是否符合要求。


  Floating islands are wetland replicas. They are constructed on basesof durable, buoyant materials.

  Which choice most effectively combines thesentences at the underlined portion?

  A. replicas;these are constructed

  B. replicasconstructed

  C. replicas:these islands are constructed

  D. replicas;they constructed them

  划线部分仍然处于两句话交界,最短选项为B。语意符合原句,constructed on修饰replicas。