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abide by/in

accede to

accuse of

addicted to

adverse to

afflict with

agree to/with/on

agreeable to

amazement at

amenable to

angry with/about

apologize for

appetite for

apply to/for

appreciation of

approve of

argue with/about

arrive at

aside from

blame for/on

believe in

blame for

capable of

care about/for

charge for/with

chary of

compare to/with

compatible with

complain about

comply with

conform to/with

consist of

consistent with

consult with

contribute to

conversant with

count (up)on

cover with

decide (up)on

depend (up)on

desire for

desirous of

desist from

die of

differ from/with/over/about

different from

discriminate against

disdain for

distinguish from

dream of/about