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1.Is it necessary to make mistake, even when doing so has negative consequences for other people?

2. Do true learning only occur when we experience difficulties?

3. Would the world be a better place if everyone always told the complete truth?

4. Can people achieve success only if they aim to be perfect?

5. Can people ever be truly original?

6.Do all people need to be creative?

7. Is compromise always the best way to resolve a conflict?

8. Is real success achieved only by people who accomplish goals and solve problems on their own?


1.Should modern society be criticized for being materialistic?

2. Do advertisements contribute to people's unhappiness and dissatisfaction?

3.Is using humor the best way to approach difficult situations and problems?

4. Is it best way to determine ones own views of right and wrong, or can we benefit from following the crowd?

  5. Is it easier now to form friendships than ever before?

6. Do people benefit from forms of entertainment that show so-called reality, or are such forms of entertainment harmful?

7. Should individuals take responsibility for issues and problems that do not affect them directly?

8. Are there benefits to be gained from avoiding the use of modern technology, even when using it would make life easier?

9. Has todays abundance of information only made it more difficult for us to understand the world around us?

10. Should books portray the world as it is or as it should be?


1.When some people win, must others lose, or are there situations in which everyone wins?

2.Are people too serious?(且含绝对词)

3.Do books, newspapers, and other media focus too much on bad news?(且含绝对词)

4. Does progress result only from struggle and conflict?(且含绝对词)

5. Do we place too little value on privacy?(且含绝对词)

6. Do people place too much importance on getting every detail right on a project or task?( 且含绝对词)

7. Do people place too much emphasis on winning?(且含绝对词)

8. Is there really much more to be invented or discovered for people in the world today?

9. Does money lead to selfishness?

10.Do images and impressions have too much of an effect on people?(且含绝对词)


1Does the process of doing something matter more than the outcome?

2Is an idealistic approach less valuable than a practical approach?

3If you want to become an expert in a certain field, do you need to have more talent or more motivation?


1. 准备反例,适用于带有绝对词的题目,即名人失败的例子;即:带too ever always; 通畅情况下我们反驳写比较合情合理又贴切

2. 写议论段,对于绝对词进行argue;

3. 准备事件或者小说类例子,或者个人经历,涉及面较广,比单独一个名人更通用;

4. 过题库时练习经典题目的各个角度,如果针对一类题目正反两个方面都可以顺利论证的话,什么绝对词都不怕。