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  新SAT的题材虽然多元化,但是从4套样题来看,题材可以被划分成 Literary-Fiction (文学性小说), Memoire(回忆录),Informative Texts ( 信息科技内文章), Literature From Other Nations (外国文学),”Black”( 黑人文学),Women Power (女性权利) 等题材。

  从阅读角度来讲, 对于学生尤其是高中一二年级的学生来说,需要集中时间来大量泛读美国名家的文章选段。请注意,这里有一个非常重要的点,就是不要追求完美。很多同学尝试去阅读 Toni Morrison, Amy Tan 和 Maya Angelou 等美国名家的小说如 Be Loved(宠儿),The Joy Luck Club(喜福会),I Know Why Caged Bird Sings (我知道笼中鸟为何哭泣) 等小说,因为和现代商业以及青年小说相比有着语句复杂,含义深刻,词汇年代久远等特点,很容易在阅读初期丧失信心。取而代之,通过阅读小说部分章节和段落,可以大大的减轻学生的挫败感和提升他们的动力。笔者甚至鼓励学生去大量泛读美国名家的精品中文译本。因为在准备SAT考试初期,对于美国文学的题材,体裁和写作风格有详细的了解比剖析英文本身更加的重要。

  从语法角度来讲,强烈建议学生可以去购买一些经典的全英文语法和修辞书籍。比如世界最畅销的语法书Cambridge Grammar In Use,在句法和修辞方面,可以阅读The Element of Style (风格的要素),On Writing Well (写作法宝) 等来了解英美文章中一些和中文完全不同的语法修辞,比如破折号可以做插入语使用,在写作中需要优先考虑实意动词 (active verb) 等。

  从写作角度来看,由于很多的高中生除了背诵新概念的范文以及进行模板写作,对于学术写作,尤其是文学评论没有系统的学习,对于写作有着本能的恐惧。所以先读后写是一个比较实用的策略。新SAT的写作要求阅读一篇驳论文之后,分析它的写作手法。在学习写作这样的评论文章之前,在时代杂志(TIME),纽约时报(NYT),纽约客(NEW YORKER),经济学人等报刊杂志的社论 (editorial) 和评论部分 (Opinion) 去看看优秀的专栏作家和评论家对于某一本畅销书,论文,社会热点事件的批判,分析和推理会有非常好的效果。



  Close at hand is a bridge over the River Thames, an admirab

  le vantage ground for us to make a survey. The river flows beneath; barges pass, laden with timber, bursting with corn; there on one side are the domes and spires of the city; on the other, Westminster and the Houses of Parliament. It is a place to stand on by the hour, dreaming. But not now. Now we are pressed for time. Now we are here to consider facts; now we must fix our eyes upon the procession—the procession of the sons of educated men.

  这是 Virginia Woolf 的一篇文章的一段。在阅读任何类似的文章的时候,要紧扣 COMMONCORE 的标准,详细而确凿的去分析段落的功能,修辞手法,标点符号的用法,语句的逻辑关系,段落的语调和行文的风格。比较好的方法有学习去写文学评论 (literature review) 和书评 (book report).


  This is the passage’s first paragraph; in order to attract reader’s attention, the author was depicting a vivid and fully detailed picture to show men’s creativity and their domination in English society…

  这样的练习虽然和考试本生没有非常直接的关系,但是却是细水长流和积极有效的练习方式,通过这样的练习,学生会在高中的后期拥有较强的批判性思维和线性 (linear) 分析能力。通过这样的练习,当学生看到任何一篇文学性很强的文章时,他们的本能是去庖丁解牛的分析文章,而并非只是粗糙和肤浅的通读全文。





  虽然在65分钟内阅读5篇文章有相当大的难度,但是新SAT 强调的是对于文章的全局 (holistic) 把握。文章中间很少会去考察绝对细节,而是会提问关于细节和整体之间的关系。所以备考的同学需要首先学会的是文章的大意概括: 在草稿纸上用最短的句子(英文最好,中文也可)把全文的逻辑主线和各段的大意写下来,这样做的最大好处是可以减少回读的次数。节约做题的时间。







  1. 复杂的单词往往会被解释。

  2. 复杂的单词可能只是纸老虎,对于做题没有任何的影响。


  The chemical formula of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)/ 被解释 is now well established. The molecule is a very long chain, the backbone of which consists of a regular alternation of sugar and phosphate groups.To each sugar is attached a nitrogenous/不重要 base, which can be of four different types. Two of the possible bases—adenine and guanine—are purines/不重要, and the other two—thymine and cytosine/不重要—are pyrimidines. So far as is known, the sequence of bases along the chain is irregular. The monomer unit, consisting of phosphate, sugar and base, is known as a nucleotide.The first feature of our structure which is of biological interest is that it consists not of one chain,but of two. These two chains are both coiled around a common fiber axis. It has often been assumed that since there was only one chain in the chemical formula there would only be one in the structural unit. However, the density, taken with the X-ray evidence, suggests very strongly that there are two.

  注意文章每一段论据 (support)和后面的支持性的解释,充满证据和鼓动性细节的关系:




  1. The passage indicates that the assumption made by gift-givers in lines 41-44 may be

  2. Which choice provides the best evidence for the answer to the previous question?




  Typically, the ice sheet begins to show evidence of thawing in late summer. This follows several weeks of higher temperatures. For example, in the summer of 2012, virtually the entire Greenland Ice Sheet underwent thawing at or near its surface by mid-July, the earliest date on record. Most scientists looking for the causes of the Great Melt of 2012 have focused exclusively on rising temperatures. The summer of 2012 was the warmest in 170 years, records show. But Jason Box, an associate professor of geology at Ohio State believes that another factor added to the early thaw; the “dark snow” problem.

  这段话之后,除了一道题目,问文中第三行的FOR EXAMPLE 可以如何的被改变?


  B) However,

  C) As such,

  D) Moreover,


  这道题的最终正确答案是A。如果了解了FOR EXAMPLE 所引导的这个句子是对于前面句子的详细解释,从而加强文章的可读性和趣味性,自然会选择A。


  1. 各大连接词在文章中的用法

  2. 标点符号的详细用法

  3. 文章的逻辑联系和脉络

  4. 句子与句子之间的转折和连接。